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Peter Grenier of Massachusetts Kitchen Designer Discusses Some Bold Kitchen Design Options to Consider for 2022 

Peter Grenier’s cabinet and kitchen design service has produced some amazing styles and upgrades for many customers over the years. In particular, he has stayed on top of various trends in the industry to ensure that his customers get the best looks and styles for their needs. Thankfully, he has prepared a list of amazing 2022 kitchen design trends that you may want to understand when planning to upgrade or improve your kitchen’s overall style and fashion during this year.

Peter Grenier of Massachusetts Kitchen Design Trends to Watch

Peter Grenier of Massachusetts knows that the kitchen is basically the heart and soul of any home. We spend so much time eating, preparing food, and hanging out in our kitchens that we often forget how important a grand style is to our comfort and enjoyment.

Thankfully, there are many trends and concepts that you can consider that will transform your kitchen and make it a more enjoyable place to hang out with your family. Some trends noted here carry over from previous years, while others will be bold new ideas that you may have never considered for your home.

For example, he believes that double islands are likely to stay popular in 2022. This trend became particularly prominent in 2021 and is likely to stay just as widespread this year. There are a few reasons why he anticipates that more people will move in this direction this year.

First, Peter Grenier of Massachusetts knows that two islands provide a unique place for family and friends to gather. The first island is a perfect spot to prepare and display food, while the second may work well when people come to visit and play cards, board games, or dice while you cook.

Another trend he thinks is likely to take off is the butcher block countertop. These countertops have become popular because they provide extra functionality to a home. They’re also quite beautiful, can withstand daily use, and require only minimal maintenance if you’re smart about their upkeep.

He believes that marble is likely to continue fading in popularity, which may be surprising to many people. While it is true that marble may still work well in some kitchens, he believes that people will be continually pulled to the more adaptable and naturally beautiful wood design with butcher block counters. They’re likely to be particularly popular in outdoor kitchens, another trend he thinks will stay common with 2021.

Other trends that Peter Grenier of Massachusetts believes will become prominent in 2022 include curves, multiple kitchens in a home, green and brown colors, vintage furniture, customizable appliances, cool tile styles, living room extensions, unified backsplash and countertops, and bolder colors beyond gray, black, and white.

This last trend is likely to inspire many homeowners who are sick of hearing the word “neutral” in-home flipping shows. While neutral colors may help stage a home better, it is rather boring to current homeowners. As a result, adding upgraded styles and more prominent and bright colors may be a great idea if you plan on staying in your house for a long time.